The Film That The Food Industry Doesn’t Want You To Watch Explains That, Yes, Sugar Can Cause All of These

Sugar. Sugar. Sugar.

There. As dirty as it made me feel, I said it three times. Three! But why, and how, has sugar become such a dirty word? I mean, it’s derived from plants (sugar cane or sugar beets) whose histories can be traced as far back as the 5th century B.C.E. While I wasn’t alive back then, I’d like to assume that ‘sugar’, based on its seclusion to tropical climates, wasn’t a dirty word. In fact, to some it was a delicacy.

But it has since become something else. What was once a delicacy soon became a commodity, and what was once a commodity became an… artificiality? Wait. Huh?

As you’ll see in the video, here in America, there are roughly 6,000 food items in a typical supermarket. Of those 6,000 food items, 80% contain added sugar. That’s the key word here: added. Artificial. Synthetic. A drug.

What the documentary Fed Up wants you, the consumer, to realize is what exactly that realm of consumption can do to you. Regardless of exercise or sheer willpower, it can give you cancer. It can cause diabetes. Heart Disease. Strokes. Etc.

More information can be found by watching the video.


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