There’s Never Been A Better Time To Shop Fair Trade! Support Artists In Nepal!

PushpaaDhakal_Michelle_4-horz-cropOn April 25, a devastating earthquake tore through Nepal, demolishing homes and turning world-famous historic sites to ash. The U.N. predicts that tens of thousands are likely dead or injured, and up to one million will become homeless.

Victims are sleeping in the streets and in need of almost everything: shelter, food, medicine, power, clean water and more. As a longtime supporter of Nepalese artisans, GreaterGood has strong friendships with many victims. The first-hand accounts we’ve received have been both heartbreaking and hopeful:

_Michelle_1 quote

_Michelle_3 quote

_Michelle_2 quoteBut first responders can’t give the Nepalese what they really need to recover: their livelihoods.

The good news is, you can. Even from thousands of miles away, you can send aid directly to earthquake victims by choosing to invest in Fair Trade products from Nepal. Your dollars make an immediate and powerful impact by supporting the livelihoods of those affected by the earthquake.

Not only that, but purchasing Fair Trade products in our store gives an extra donation for disaster aid — absolutely FREE!

Read on to see handcrafted, made-in-Nepal products you can purchase to help earthquake victims get back on their feet.

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Amethyst & Moonstone Bracelet

Bless your life with the radiant touch of moonstone, transcendent amethyst, and a Tibetan celestial cloud motif upon our silver-plated cuff bracelet from Nepal. Silver-plated metal with eye-catching amethyst and moonstone, this precious piece of jewelry will stretch to fit most wrists.

Tree of Life Sling Bag

Branches reach majestically skyward, embodying the unity and inherent beauty of all life. Our patchwork sling bag celebrate the mysteries of the universal Tree of Life with delicacy and power. The pocket on the strap makes a perfect cell phone holder, and the 100% cotton material is all-natural.

Help Feed the Hungry

Provide food and supplies to those in need at The Hunger Site for free!