Ten Ways Fair Trade Pays it Forward

5. Fair trade allows the producers to take control of their future by building their own businesses and cutting out middle men that reduce their profits.

6. Fair trade proves that how you spend your money matters and that your ethics are preserved. There’s no need to support sweat shop labor or exploitative work environments. Buying fair trade means real people and their communities are benefiting.

7. Buying fair trade proves you care about more than just a low price tag; the human cost of production is also important to you!

8. Fair trade creates a high level of transparency and traceability when it comes to your goods. You’re able to tell where it each product comes from.

9. Fair trade supports small-scale producers and allows them to continue their work despite threats from large, subsidized companies.

10. Fair trade organizations give women the same amount of power as men and grant them equal opportunities.

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