Ten Ways Fair Trade Pays it Forward

You’ve probably seen the labels on products as you grocery shop or grab a cup of coffee in the morning. Fair trade is a relative new-comer to the global market, but it’s made a big splash.

Fair trade is more than just a fad.

It’s a new way of thinking about the production of food and goods, by making sure that everyone involved in making a product is compensated fairly and sustainably. It’s a smart move for anyone wanting to make sure their hard-earned dollar goes to promoting economic equality and social justice in the world.

Seems like a tall order? Watch this video and read the list to learn more about how fair trade helps you pay it forward.


1. Fair trade ensures workers are paid a living wage that allows them to save and invest in their futures.

2. By buying fair trade, you’re helping redistribute the global wealth and closing the gap between the developing and industrial world.

3. Fair trade supports practices that minimize our environmental footprint. There are no GMOs in fair trade certified goods, and no hazardous chemicals used in creating the product.

4. Fair trade features products unique to the cultures that created them. Coffee from Ethiopia? Chocolate from Ghana? Skirts from Nepal? Fair trade makes these unique, culturally significant products possible.

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