This GoPro Video Puts All Others To Shame!

GoPro videos are a staple of today’s internet. If you search Youtube for ‘GoPro’, you’ll find over 34 million videos involving the equipment.

Since the first GoPro was sold in 2004, millions of Americans have been using their GoPro cameras to film themselves jumping off of cliffs, sitting in the front of a roller coaster, surfing the ocean, climbing a mountain, or riding a motorcycle.

Some people have attached GoPros to their pets and gotten a personal view of how their dogs and cats see the world from their point of view. Americans have found a lot of different ways to use their GoPros and have showcased their footage to all of us on the internet.

Well, one guy from Kansas tops them all! He received a GoPro for Christmas and, much like a kid at Christmas, he can’t wait to start playing with it.

After watching this, I think we can all agree this is how most of us would use a GoPro.

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