Kind Act by 8-Year-Old Leads to Unexpected Twist

According to her father, 8-year old Ella Scott has always had a big heart, eager to help the homeless people she comes across. So it wasn’t a surprise when she saw a homeless man sitting outside the Monterey, California restaurant where she was dining, and brought him her steak and potato dinner. Her father, Eddie, filmed the exchange, showing Ella eagerly and compassionately approach the man, give him her food, then come back in beaming and happy to have been able to help.

Eddie, proud of his daughter’s sweet act, uploaded the interaction to Facebook, where it was viewed 44 million times. Eventually, the video made its way to the homeless man’s sister Roseanne, who identified him as David Salkowski. Roseanne contacted the Scotts, telling them that her brother is a veteran suffering from PTSD, and had been out of contact for 6 months after he abruptly left Philadelphia.

Now, Eddie and Ella are on a mission to help reunite the siblings. Goes to show that a small act of kindness has the power to completely change lives!

Watch the video below to show Ella’s kindness in action!

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