Elderly Refugee Travels Hundreds of Miles Alone in Search of Her Family

Driven out by war and violence, Almaze, 83, fled Aleppo, Syria, to find her daughter and grandchild, who live in Germany. She traveled by boat to Turkey, but lost all her money at sea. However, she was able to hold onto the most important object of all: her daughter’s phone number in Germany.

She says, “I did this for my daughter, for my heart.”

Watch the video below to see Almaze’s harrowing journey to find her family.

The war in Syria is an ongoing tragedy. There are currently 4.8 million registered Syrian refugees worldwide, many, like Almaze, risking their lives and losing everything to find safety. In this video, 21-year-old Marwa describes her plight as a Syrian refugee. The pain and trauma are evident in her face, showing us that solving this humanitarian crisis should be a priority.

Want to help Syrian refugees? Sign this petition to support a plan to help build a better future for Syria’s children, and donate here to provide supplies to families living in refugee camps.

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