Disneyland To Donate Excess Food After Closing Down Due To The Coronavirus

As the coronavirus spread continues to worsen, various US locations are closing. Disneyland has decided to follow suit and has closed its doors to the general public. Being closed for the foreseeable future, the park is going to be donating all of the excess food that they have on hand.

Food banks need all of the assistance that we can provide to them. Kyleigh Johnson is the External Communications Manager of Disneyland Resort and the announcement was made in a blog post. The excess food from Disney California Adventure is also going to be donated.

The resorts are fully committed to the removal of excess food and food-related waste. Banquet meals, packaged goods, vegetables, fruit, and dairy are among the items that are going to be donated. The food bank that is receiving the donations is doing their absolute best to put an end to hunger in the Orange County region. The food donation program has been in place for some time now.

Photo: YouTube/Disney Parks

According to Johnson, the food donation program has already been in place for six years. A food scraps division program has also been put into place, as a means of reducing the amount of food waste that is being created.

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Food waste that is not properly handled is one of the primary causes of environmental harm. Second Harvest Food Bank of Orange County received 20,000 donations in 2019 alone.

Disney parks in all locations have been closed and will remain closed until the end of the month. There are currently no reported cases of the coronavirus on the ships or at any of the parks. Disney is committed to remaining as proactive as possible during the quarantine period, though. The situation is going to be monitored in the weeks to come and guidance will be provided by health agencies and state officials.

President Trump has now declared a national emergency. It remains to be seen when Americans will be able to resume their normal routines, but in the meantime, it is great to see organizations that are willing to step up to help others. Kudos to the Disney corporation for being ready to do the right thing when called upon. Be sure to pass this story along, so that the word can be spread.

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