The Daily Show with John Stewart Humorously Addresses the Idea That the U.S. Is Headed Toward Third World Status

What we love most about The Daily Show with Jon Stewart is the fact that they fearlessly address controversial issues with humor. Doing so makes the controversy not only accessible, but easier to digest, and easier for us as citizens to productively discuss.

This video is no different, and thank goodness for that. Because we really need to talk about this issue.

In the video, you’ll see The Daily Show‘s go-to correspondent, Aasif Mandvi, explore the idea that, with its current healthcare system, the U.S. is headed toward third world status.

Surprising, we know. And frightening to boot. But it could totally happen, and it probably will if we don’t do something about it soon.

Geared up to travel the globe and learn about developing countries, where does Mandvi go? Knoxville, Tennessee. Of all the unassuming places, Knoxville is the place he chooses to explore this issue and talk to some knowledgable people.

Watch the video to find out why the U.S. could eventually be a third-world country and learn what you can do to stop it.

In the video above, you saw Mandvi with Stan Brock, founder and president of Remote Area Medical (RAM). As alluded to by Mandvi, RAM provides free dental, vision, and medical care to those who are in need and cannot afford it. This includes the transport of supplies, which remains one of RAM’s largest unfunded costs.

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