Why People Are Flocking to a Bar That Serves Only Water

Most of us take our access to clean water for granted, never thinking about the complex systems that collect our water, purify it and send it to the tap. One unique pop-up bar is aiming to change that by making water the only thing on the menu.

On its surface, Water Bar looks like any other trendy Minneapolis hangout. Once you look closer, however, you notice that the tasting flights and decanters are all filled with water. It is all tap water, collected from various towns and cities. Water Bar patrons smell and sip the water just like it was a fine wine or artisanal beer, experiencing the different tastes as they learn more about drinking water and how it is produced.

This unique concept was developed by artists Shanai Matteson and Colin Kloecker, along with an experienced team of environmentalists, water researchers, public works employees and more. The goal is to educate people about public water systems, as well as the looming water crisis. While 70 percent of the Earth is covered in water, less than one percent of that is safe to drink, and increasing contamination, among other factors, is depleting that precious resource.

Water Bar tenders, who are interns and community volunteers, educate patrons both about the global crisis and problems closer to home. While one in 10 people lack access to clean water across the world, crises like the widespread lead contamination in Flint, Michigan's drinking water show that safe drinking water can be a problem in the United States as well. The people behind Water Bar hope to encourage conversations about and research into sustainability practices, infrastructure improvement and environmental protections. Water Bar also has a collaborative art space to encourage people to speak out about these issues.

Unique projects such as Water Bar get people talking about sustainability in fun and creative ways. Let us know what you think of this idea!

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