Victorian Illnesses Becoming A Concern For The United Kingdom

The Victorian era is making a comeback in England in an unpleasant way: Victorian illnesses such as tuberculosis, cholera and Scarlet fever. Doctors in the United Kingdom have seen an alarming rise of these diseases, which were once thought eradicated in the country. Many factors contribute to this alarming trend. Contributing Factors

Common triggers in the resurgence of these diseases are poverty, malnutrition and inadequate access to health care, especially for persons of advanced age, reports CNN. England has witnessed a 51 percent increase in malnutrition over the last five years as social services have seen dramatic cuts, resulting in a wave of food poverty. In the span of a year, 7,366 people were admitted to United Kingdom hospitals with malnutrition, according to the Independent.


How Bad Is It Really?

Some areas of London have 113 TB cases per 100,000 people, which is one of the highest frequency rates in the world. This includes countries such as Iraq, Guatemala and Rwanda. Other illnesses seeing a resurgence are whooping cough, scurvy and measles. Some of these occurrences are due to a reduced rate of vaccination.

Why Worry and What to Do?

The number of cases are an indicator of poverty levels in the United Kingdom. The outbreaks outline problems and concerns for the health care system at both the service and policy level. Doctors, lawmakers, and ordinary people need to work to ensure everyone has access to a healthy, nutritious and balanced diet to help minimize new cases of these diseases, argues the Guardian.The U.K. is facing a severe uptick in diseases once thought eradicated due in part to its increased poverty and reduced immunization rates. If you're wondering what you can do to help people avoid some of these preventable diseases, sign this petition to get all children fully vaccinated.

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