Trash Into Homes: How One Man Is Creating Tiny Homes For People In Need

Often times, we walk by dumpsters, piles of wood and overflowing trash cans, dismissing those items as trash. Gregory Kloehn, however, sees something much different; he sees potential homes for the homeless.

Kloehn, an Oakland artist, has made it his mission to spruce up the streets with colorful, tiny, mobile homes for the homeless made from recycled materials. Each home is equipped with wheels so residents can easily transport their home to various locations throughout the city. Some have recycled parts from washing machines as windows, while others offer sleeping bunks, stoves and storage compartments — all contained within a trash dumpster.

Homeless Homes Project via Facebook
Homeless Homes Project via Facebook

One home may have an umbrella to provide outdoor shade on a mini patio, while another features hardwood floors to keep occupants cool during the heat of the summer. All the units offer ample space for the residents to sleep. The small homes have made a big impact on the community residents, according to an article on ReShareWorthy.

As part of the Homeless Homes Project, Kloehn, the founder, has donated his time to hand-craft unique structures that add to the artwork on the streets and serve a purpose for those needing shelter. The goal of the non-profit organization is to create sturdy, mobile homes for the homeless while bringing together discarded items and imaginative people. Kloehn continues to encourage other artists to follow suit and solicits help from homeless individuals seeking a mobile shelter he has created from discarded and recycled materials.

Homeless Homes Project via Facebook
Homeless Homes Project via Facebook

We may not always know at the time the footprint we are leaving on the world. The homeless in Oakland clearly see the footprint and lasting impact artist Greg Kloehn continues to leave. You can give back to the homeless as well by joining Kloehn's efforts and supporting the Homeless Homes Project with a donation of time, money or materials; each can be used to make a small home with a big heart.

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