Don’t Have Money For Dinner? This Cafe Has A New Way To Pay

Despite modern advances, uneven distribution of resources even in developed nations means that some people still go hungry, while food waste is an ongoing problem. In Polk, Florida, one community cafe is trying to address these issues in a sustainable way.To address local hunger without adding to this dynamic, Bartow's Mosaics Community Cafe has set up systems to feed the entire community good food without giving handouts.


The cafe is based on a “pay what you want” model, and the quality of the food is such that many patrons pay more than the suggested menu prices. This enables the cafe to offer those who need to eat but can't afford to pay the chance to exchange an hour of volunteer work for a token that is worth $10 towards anything on the menu. It offers also patrons the chance to prevent food waste by choosing the size of portion they require that day, with the aim of having as close to zero food waste as possible.

In addition, working in the cafe and receiving training in kitchen and customer service is a step in the right direction for those in the community who are jobless but looking to work, allowing them to gain valuable experience and social interaction. To encourage a true community feel as it grows and develops, the cafe intends to offer student and senior discounts at quiet times of the day, and there are also plans to offer free Wi-Fi.People around the world are finding ways to ensure no one has to go without food. Check out these other creative ways to fight local hunger at The Hunger Site today.

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