8 Life-Saving Household Items. Be Prepared!

Emergencies happen every day, but preparation helps to save lives. Remember what your mom said about an ounce of prevention!

Because natural disasters and accidents happen unexpectedly, the present is the best time to gather items for your emergency preparedness kit. None of these items require the skills of MacGyver, but they would sure be missed if you found yourself without them and unable to get to the store!

1. Aspirin

Aspirin is an effective pain reliever and useful if someone is experiencing symptoms of a heart attack. Some people are sensitive to aspirin, and aspirin should not be given to young children, so you should also keep acetaminophen on hand. While you’re at it, keep a bottle of ibuprofen around as it is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication that helps to reduce swelling. Be sure to keep all these supplies safely out of reach of little hands!


2. Antihistamine

Antihistamines help to reduce allergy symptoms and are helpful for seasonal allergies. They also help to reduce allergic reactions to food and contact allergens. Keep both the liquid and tablet forms available. With severe food allergies, the liquid form is a better choice as it will be absorbed more quickly, and make sure there is always an EpiPen available in the house instead of just at work or in your car.


3. Water

In a natural disaster, you may lose your municipal water supply or it may be contaminated. If a well supplies your water, you might not have power for operating the pump. Keep a supply of drinking water on hand. We take water for granted, but it’s a lifesaver in a natural disaster, and may even serve as a useful barter item.


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