8 Life-Saving Household Items. Be Prepared!

4. Prescription Medication

Keep your prescription medication accessible. While you may have heard that you should keep extra prescription medication on hand, laws regarding how pharmacies dispense medication, especially pain medication, make following the recommendation difficult. The best practice is to refill the medication as soon as you are running low so you always have at least a few days’ worth.


5. Duct tape

This is an obvious one, right? Duct tape has a million uses in an emergency. Use it to tape plastic sheeting over broken windows to keep rain out of the house and make heating easier. It can serve as an emergency suture or can fasten bandages in place (though it is not sterile). Use it to repair shoes or even make shoes if you cannot find yours after a disaster. You may have heard that you can fix anything with duct tape—in a disaster you will want to put that theory to the test!


6. Feminine Hygiene Products

As bad as a natural disaster would be, imagine going through one while out of feminine hygiene products! Make sure your emergency kit contains a supply of tampons and pads according to household use. In addition to their intended purpose, highly absorbent pads are a good tool for stopping excessive bleeding. As the bleeding slows, you can use duct tape to hold them in place. How’s that for creativity?


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