Indiana School Uses ‘Lunch Shaming’ To Make Parents Pay Up

An Indiana high school sparked controversy by serving inferior lunches to children who owed more than $25 on their lunch money balances. Pictures of the sandwich, which consisted of two slices of bread and cheese, were posted online by a student.

The school says this policy is necessary because the district ended up footing a $50,000 bill over unpaid lunches the previous year. Most of the affected families, the school claims, have the means but are negligent with payments, causing the school to require parents to pay down their outstanding balances before normal lunches are resumed.

The community's reaction was mixed. While some parents were shocked by the humiliation that the kids were subjected to, others blamed the parents for their negligence. A few offered to pay for the lunches of students whose parents could not afford it.

What do you think about the school's policy?

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