Need a Lyft? Ride Service Helps Ensure Foster Youth Get to Job Training on Time!

Doing Good Works and iFoster are both organizations devoted to helping foster youth succeed in life, which starts by finding suitable employment. Doing Good Works handles the transportation, but getting 12 foster youth from all over Los Angeles to one location is no easy task. That’s why the organization thought outside the box and decided to request a Lyft for each youth.
Since both organizations have a mission to improve the lives of foster youth, Doing Good Works and iFoster are a perfect fit when working together. First, iFoster sets up job training, and then Doing Good Works helps the youth get there on time. Not only does this job training improve the skills of each youth, it also gives him the opportunity to impress hiring managers. Considering over half of the foster youth who age out of the system can’t find a job, every opportunity helps.

This job training was at a Ralphs supermarket headquarters in Compton, California, bright and early at 7:30 a.m. on a Saturday. Not every foster youth had transportation, and the bus system in Los Angeles can be tricky, especially for lengthy commutes. To give all the youth a chance to put their best foot forward, Doing Good Works got them Lyfts. Everything went as planned, with all the youth arriving right on time, enthusiastic about their opportunity.
The training was a success for everyone involved, as the training manager gave the youth valuable information on being successful, and all the youth were fully prepared to answer questions and absorb the information. Both organizations spread the word about their mission with posts on Instagram and Facebook.

It took four separate organizations, but with each one contributing in its own way, a dozen foster youth improved their chances at finding employment and leading successful lives. What other businesses do you know that are helping out in unique ways?

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