This Revolutionary Program Is Taking Food Directly To The Hungry

You remember the excitement of seeing the ice cream truck roll into your neighborhood. Treats available on demand let you indulge without going to the store. But if you're short on apples or sandwiches, it's not likely a truck would come by to sell you these supplies. For people without transportation and money, that sets up a barrier to accessing nutritious food. Now a community group in Oklahoma City aims to fix that problem with a new mobile food truck designed to deliver healthy, nutritious meals directly to the people who need them most — hungry, underprivileged children.The Food for All truck will hit the highway and take food to needy children enrolled in the Kids Cafe after-school and summer program, a service of the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma. Unlike a traditional food pantry, the truck won't be handing out staples like boxed rice and canned beans. The project sponsor, a community organization called Made Possible By Us, partnered with Whole Foods and local restaurateurs to arrange for the truck to be staffed by a rotating cast of volunteer local chefs preparing well-balanced meals with fresh ingredients. Along with the food will come a nutritional education program delivered by Kids Cafe to teach children how to eat healthy.

It gets better. When the food truck isn't serving children in the program, it will operate as a regular food truck, selling mobile cuisine at various places around the city. For every dollar raised through sales to regular customers, five meals for the needy will be funded. In this way, the Food for All program can become self-sustaining, and the entire Oklahoma City community can support just by purchasing a sandwich, burger or snack. For children especially, healthy meals are needed for both the body and the brain. But nutritional support programs aren't just about delivering food; they're about wellness and community too. Not near the Oklahoma food truck? Learn more about how you can support community nutrition programs for children.

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