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According to the Economist, the World Food Programme, founded in 1961, is the United Nation’s hands-on agency for distributing urgently needed food to people suffering from famine around the world. In some places, the WFP distributes mass shipments of food staples while in other areas it passes out food vouchers that not only allows the organization to feed those in need, but also stimulates the local economy. The World Food Programme reports that it continues to alleviate famine in many parts of the world.

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Due to the ongoing fighting in Yemen, hundreds of thousands of people are in need of food assistance. Its children are among the most malnourished in the world. Although poor infrastructure and lack of security hinder food deliveries, the WFP continues to transport boatloads of food to the Port of Aden and carry it from there to the many hungry people in refugee camps and combat zones.

Democratic Republic of Congo

A number of provinces in the Democratic Republic of Congo are combat zones with multitudes of vulnerable, displaced people, including children, pregnant women and nursing mothers. The WFP distributes food in refugee camps in a number of locations, focusing on providing a balanced diet of essential nutritional items. A special school feeding program encourages children to go to class. The WFP also has a food-for-work program in the country, which enables people to work for food rations or grow food that they can sell for self-support.

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A severe drought leaves many Guatemalans struggling in abject poverty. The low wages they earn at coffee plantations don’t see them through the year, and they face starvation. The WFP supplements their meager earnings with a cash transfer that they use to buy local food.

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