Sheriff’s Deputy Makes Man’s Day, Then A Miracle Happens

A sheriff's deputy from Whiteside County, Illinois, was simply doing his duty in early January when he dropped off a homeless man at a McDonald's restaurant in the town of Morrison. Little did he know that a citizen's Facebook photo and the accompanying story behind the picture would show just how big of heart deputy George Depuy has when it comes to his job.

The homeless man was walking along U.S. Highway 30 on a cold morning in early January when Depuy gave him a lift, according to The 15-year veteran of the force did more than just drop him off at a warm place of business. Depuy talked to an employee and asked her if the man could stay for awhile. The employee agreed with the officer, notes Alex Fischbach's Facebook post.

This picture is a quick snap of one of the most beautiful things I`ve ever seen. We pulled up to the McDonalds in…

Posted by Alex Fischbach onSaturday, January 2, 2016

Just before Depuy walked out, Fischbach says a beautiful thing happened. The officer gave the homeless man money to buy a meal. The man tried to refuse the money, but Depuy said, “I'm not asking you to take it, I'm telling you to take it.” The two shook hands and then the officer left the building.

The World's Reaction

Fischbach's Facebook photo went viral with more than 8,000 shares and several hundred likes. Fischbach told the Huffington Post that the officer was simply doing his job, but such a compassionate act shouldn't go unnoticed. With all of the “bad” press that cops get, the Facebook post shows that law enforcement officers deserve every ounce of praise possible for doing a great job despite the danger.

The officer declined to do any interviews with the media, according to ABC News. Whiteside County Sheriff Kelly Wilhelmi says this is not an uncommon situation where his officers go above and beyond for ordinary citizens. He's proud of Depuy, and all of the deputies in Whiteside County, for jobs well done.

That's Not the Whole Story

The story doesn't end at McDonald's. The homeless man went to a church in a nearby town, and the pastor of that church took the man to a shelter where he could get warm. People who work at that particular shelter recognized the man from the viral photo on Facebook, proving that social media can make a real difference in someone's life. The homeless man got a meal from a kind soul but ended up with so much more thanks to a bystander who saw it all.Sometimes, a mere ride to a warm place or a simple meal can make all the difference in the world to someone. Help fight hunger in America by donating to Operation Sandwich.

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