One Good Samaritan’s Mission To Aid The Homeless

When extreme winter weather hits, business is always booming for towing companies. Daniel Sadler, an employee at All Over Towing based in Kernersville, North Carolina, considers it his professional responsibility to arrive promptly so customers are not stuck waiting too long in the cold. One night when the temperatures dropped even lower than usual, though, he felt that simply addressing his professional duties would not be enough. As Sadler completed his shift while temps dipped to 10 degrees Fahrenheit, his thoughts began to turn to all the people in the area without homes and how dangerous being outside could get without proper clothing. When the weather gets particularly brutal, the tips add up quickly for tow truck drivers, and Sadler quickly started to piece together a plan to use some of those tips to help unfortunate locals in the Winston-Salem area.

When his work ended for the night, Sadler stopped in at a nearby dollar store and loaded up on cold-weather attire. By the time he left the store, he was saddled with an abundance of scarves, hats, blankets, gloves and socks — everything those stranded out in the cold could possibly need to stay warm. Armed with a big sign that advertised the free clothes, Sadler hit the streets in search of anyone in need of warmth.

The response was overwhelming. Every item out of his stash was passed out except for one lone scarf, and the recipients of the clothes were in tears over the amazing generosity of a complete stranger. The night went so well and touched Sadler so deeply that he immediately made plans to do the same thing again the very next Friday.Imagine the positive impact it would make if there were people following Sadler's lead in every city. Learn what you and others can do to help keep the homeless warm.

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