Coffee Flour? It’s A Real Thing And It Could Help The Environment

For millions of people around the globe, coffee is a staple of every day life. No matter how familiar we might be with drinking energy-boosting java, we might not be as familiar with the beginning to end process of creating a delicious cup of joe. The coffee beans that contribute to your morning brew every day actually grow inside a fruit—called a coffee cherry.


Unfortunately, problems with the proper disposal of coffee cherries cause headaches for growers around the world. Upworthy reports that there is a new initiative brewing to solve these problems by producing something called coffee flour, which is made from the excess pulp of coffee cherries.

The dilemma for coffee growers is that the coffee cherry has no monetary value. According to Coffee Flour, although a portion of the excess coffee cherry pulp is used as an essential ingredient in creating cheap and environmentally friendly fertilizer for farmers, the majority of the pulp is being thrown away. Dumping this waste causes environmental issues because aflatoxins, ochratoxins, pectin, and caffeine from the pulp are finding their way into local watersheds. The rise in pectin in local streams means a spike in bacterial activity, which lowers the oxygen levels in the water and threatens to suffocate aquatic life.


Coffee flour recycles this excess of coffee cherry pulp and puts it to good use. Not only is this product making an environmental impact in coffee growing regions by reducing pollution, it is also creating its business to be socially responsible. A scheduled 50 percent of coffee flour is to be kept in the regions in which it is being produced to be purchased and enjoyed by local consumers.

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This innovative plan takes an environmentally problematic material and turns it into a positive, thriving business that benefits all. This is the kind of project that moves us forward into a socially responsible future and encourages us to think creatively about how to improve our world. When life gives you coffee cherries, make coffee flour!

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