True Or False: It’s Easy For Children To Get All The Nutrients They Need

Kids don’t need as much food to fill them up, but is that food actually filled with the nutrients they need? The World Food Programme takes a hands-on approach in this video to show how food that looks good enough to eat might not be good enough to support growing children. Using just sticky notes and platefuls of everyday food, the super-speed video demonstrates what children around the world might not be getting from their food, even when they get three square meals a day.

Simply giving kids more isn’t the answer: small bodies can’t handle too much food or too many calories. The World Health Organization supports the development and use of ready-to-use therapeutic food (RUTF) such as the convenient mix used in this video to help malnourished children worldwide.

Good food can fail to be good sources of nutrients for the world’s most precious resources — children — but you can help. Feed malnourished children with this Gift That Gives More that provides one month of ready-to-use therapeutic food for a needy child in Haiti, Rwanda, Malawi, or Lesotho.

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