This Company’s Plan to Save the Bees Is Creating Lots of Buzz!

The company behind Honey Nut Cheerios, General Mills, is helping real bees survive in the wild by donating thousands of acres of farmland in an effort to increase safe wild bee habitats.
It takes quite a bit of farmland to produce the raw ingredients to make cereals such as Honey Nut Cheerios. The cereal sells well, so it makes sense that the brand is now partnering with farmers in its supply chain to do something positive for the insects that produce raw honey and pollinate numerous crops. Approximately 3,300 acres of farmland is being set aside by farmers in partnership with General Mills. The amount of land being donated is staggering, equivalent to 3,000 football fields. Scattered among a total of 60,000 acres, reserved habitats include bee-friendly wildflowers and milkweed.
Honey Nut Cheerios farmers typically grow oat crops for the brand, and ironically, oats are not pollinated by bees. However, a whopping 30 percent of General Mills' products do depend on materials linked directly to bee pollination. The company has greatly profited from the effort of bees, and is now using a portion of its profits to help boost their numbers. Research shows that creating natural bee habitats on farmland is an efficient way to pollinate adjacent crops. If successful, natural bee habitats may someday eliminate the need for managed honey bee hives.

In Canada, General Mills has launched a #BringBackTheBees campaign to bring awareness to the importance of bee pollination. They have gone so far as to temporarily remove Buzz the mascot from boxes of Honey Nut Cheerios sold in Canada. Since bees are responsible for pollinating 90 percent of the world's food crops, saving bees is a global issue of major importance.

By taking positive steps to nurture the return of wild bees, General Mills demonstrates its commitment to helping bees make a comeback. Planting wildflowers is a wonderful way to save bees, and there are plenty of ways you can give animals in need a helping hand. Click here for more animal rescue stories.

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