Homeless Student Walks 550 Miles To School To Raise Awareness For Homelessness

Homelessness is a major problem in the United States. But it doesn’t always take on the appearance that we imagine.

Homelessness isn’t just something that happens when you make a series of bad decisions in your life. Homelessness can affect anyone under any type of circumstance, and it really is a cause that we could all stand to be more sympathetic towards.

One college student has made the decision to walk 500 miles in order to raise both money and awareness for The National Alliance to End Homelessness. Gordon Wayne’s choice is admirable but it’s also born out of a personal experience he had of his own with homelessness. Previously, while he had been applying to college and working at an amusement park, he was facing homelessness himself.

When he found out that his dream school, Boston College, had accepted him on a full scholarship, Wayne got an idea. He decided to walk there as a way of bringing awareness to the roughly 500,000 people across the country who are currently experiencing a homeless crisis of their own.

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And with that in his mind, he set off from his hometown of Caroline County, Virginia all the way up to Boston, Massachusetts. As he set off on his journey, he created a GoFundMe page in honor of The National Alliance to End Homelessness. Since setting off on his quest, his page has raised more than $145,000.

As he shared with ABC’s “World News Tonight,” the journey has not been an easy one. Yet whenever it feels overwhelming or like he’s unable to take anymore, he thinks about all the people he’s doing the walk for and it gives him the strength to keep going.

But it hasn’t been all Wayne the entire time. Along the way, he has met with some very lovely people who have gifted him supplies in order to make the 30 to 40 miles that he walks each and every day.

He kept a video diary throughout his journey, sharing some of the clips with “World News Tonight.” In it, he documented all the miles he traveled as well as those who helped him along the way.

And finally, when he made it to his destination, he proudly was able to share the video of him walking through the campus, stating, “I’d like to welcome you to the most beautiful campus in the universe: Boston College.”

Wayne said to “World News Tonight” that he is hoping his actions will help inspire others to care about the homelessness crisis. Additionally, the college student said that he hopes all others facing homelessness will someday get a chance to experience the joy of finding a place of their own like he did.

He said, “I hope that I can inspire people to keep walking. You know, keep taking that extra step. Even when it hurts. Even when it’s hard and you don’t want to. There’s no other choice. You have to keep going if you want to achieve what you want in life.”

What a wonderful example he’s setting for others.

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