The New Addition to College Campuses That’s Signaling a HUGE Problem in our Society

As tuition and the cost of living continue to skyrocket, many college students across the nation are facing a growing problem: hunger. Nearly half of students have reported that they have experienced food insecurity within the past month, compared to just 14% of the general public. These are students who have very often done exactly what they are told they should do; get a job and receive financial aid. Yet they still are unable to afford enough food. Between housing, tuition, and books, there isn’t much left, and many students do not have financial help from their families.

In response, colleges are opening food banks on campus, and it has proven to be extremely popular. The number of colleges participating in the College and University Food Bank Alliance has quadrupled in the last two years, with the number currently at 428. Students are able to pick up donated food and personal items like soap and deodorant, allowing them to be able to focus more on their studies without the stress of worrying about food.

Watch the video below to learn more about food banks on college campuses, and to hear the stories of some of the students who benefit from them!

Help Feed the Hungry

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