This Formerly Homeless Pizza Shop Owner Has Found The Perfect Way To Give Back

Derrick Walton, also known as simply “Chef D,” of Des Moines, Iowa, used to spend his time on the streets of Detroit without a home. But now he is giving back to the people with his very own restaurant, Rock Power Pizza.

When Walton found himself without a home, he was a completely different person who felt alone and like no one cared about him. After making a conscious decision to realize that he indeed did matter, he picked himself up and started looking for employment.

For 10 straight days, Walton searched downtown Detroit for work and finally, after several rejections, found a Greek restaurant where the owner saw his potential as a human being and gave him an apron to start cooking.

Now, thanks to the people who gave to him, Walton is giving back to the homeless of Des Moines every single Monday with free hot meals and transportation to his restaurant.

“Monday nights are very very special to me,” said Chef D. “Before this place is a restaurant, it’s a ministry.”

Check out the story below with this incredibly touching video!

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