Burger King Is Offering Free Food To Students That Can Answer An Academic Question

Burger King is offering students free food between April 13 and April 20, 2020. The catch? They have to answer a daily academic question.

The question will be asked by Burger King on their social media pages each day. If the student answers the question correctly, then it becomes a promotional code used in the restaurant app so they can get a free Whopper when they make any purchase, according to USA Today.

The question in the tweet above is a difficult algebraic equation.

KLAS reports that the question won’t always be math-based. Burger King will be asking questions about literature and science as well.

Burger King is doing this to reward students that continue to make their education a priority while they are at home. According to Fox News, the questions are the same throughout the nation and are posted publicly. The answers can simply be shared on social media and anyone can see them.

One free whopper is available per student.

Currently, Burger King is open for drive-through service or either take-out or delivery because of COVID-19, according to Yahoo! News

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