12-Year-Old Mows Lawns For Free And Uses His Tips To Feed The Homeless

Phoenix Browne is one of the many hard-working youngsters that we have in our lives. He is 12-years old and worked all summer long as a resident of Chesapeake mowing lawns. The funny thing is, he didn’t get paid for his work.

Browne was part of a mission sponsored by the Raising Men Lawn Care Service (RMLCS), known as the “50 Yard Challenge.” The goal of the challenge was to help young people “experience a great sense of achievement while also developing their social skills and lawn care experience.”

Each person was supposed to mow 50 lawns free of charge to help those with disabilities, the elderly, single parents, veterans, and those who may need help in the community. It’s a nationwide challenge and anyone can take part in it because it is open year-round and open to both boys and girls. The challenge also is ongoing in the winter and fall months, although it is focused on shoveling snow and raking leaves during that time.

Sheldon, Browne’s father, learned about the challenge on Instagram and he thought his son would benefit from trying it. He was already mowing lawns in Great Bridge and wanted to expand his business. After RMLCS was contacted, he got a 50 Yard Challenge t-shirt, earplugs, and safety glasses so he could start in July.

The young boy spoke with the Virginia Pilot, saying: “I didn’t think I’d get it done in time. … But it’s really worth it.”

He spent a lot of time mowing lawns in Chesapeake, Portsmouth, Norfolk, and Virginia Beach until he finally finished the challenge in August. He didn’t charge anything for the work that he did, but some clients still wanted to give him a tip. Phoenix used the tip money to set up stands around the area to provide water and pizza for homeless individuals or anyone who needed it.

On October 13, Browne received what he so richly deserved. He was given a Certificate of Recognition for Outstanding Community Service by Chesapeake Mayor Rick West and The Chesapeake City Council.

Along with the award, he got a free lawnmower, leaf blower, and weedeater from RMLCS. He plans on continuing his work next summer where he will mow lawns for free and use tip money to feed the homeless.

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