Woman Brings Beauty To The Streets, Gives Makeovers To Homeless Community

After going through personal loss and tragedy, Stacey Raines made it her mission to figure out what her purpose in life was. She turned to her community in Compton, California, and quickly realized what it was.

The homeless population in Skid Row is more than 60,000 people and growing, and Raines wanted to do something to make a difference. She founded ‘Beauty 2 The Streetz,’ which serves the homeless population in her area with basic necessities and beauty treatments that help give them a sense of dignity and confidence.

She and her organization have helped feed more than 400 people, and also give them hot showers, hair wash and color, make-up, wigs, and friendship.

Raines hopes the confidence boosts will help them see that they have hope and a life beyond addiction, homelessness and mental illness.

“By documenting the real people she serves, the conditions they live in, and making that human connection, sheʼs brought a new sense of awareness to the epidemic of homelessness,” their website states.

“The people of skid row are just like everyone one else, they are people who have fallen on hard times who didnʼt have that lifeline to pull them out,” it continues. “Shirley is a beacon of hope in LAʼs ever-increasing homeless population. Every Saturday, rain or shine, she and her team come out to share a hot home-cooked meal, conversation, and most importantly connection.”

Through her generous work, Raines has gained the trust of many women and men whose lives she has helped change one day at a time. Not only has her new passion helped others, but it has also helped her heal from her own struggles in life.

Hear more of her story in the video below, and click here to visit her website.

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