Atlanta Made A Huge Free Food Forest In A Vacant Lot

Food is something that all of us need, but from time to time, there are those who struggle to get enough food on a daily basis.

In some cases, an entire region may be limited when it comes to certain types of foods, including healthy foods, such as fruits and vegetables.

One of the areas in the United States is Atlanta, Georgia. Certain sections within the city are in an area that has been referred to by the USDA as a “food desert”. About one out of three people in Atlanta lives in such an area, but Atlanta wasn’t about to take the issue lying down.

Photo: flickr / Lester Public Library

In order to combat the problem, the city turned a 7-acre piece of land that was slated for development into a “food forest”. It took $150,000 that came from the city’s conservation fund to purchase the property, which used to be a pecan farm. Twitter user @crazyplantgirl shared photos of the project.

Photo: Twitter / crazyplantgirl

Once the land was purchased, experts and volunteers came together and turned it into something sustainable for the community. Throughout the 7 acres, you will now find more than 100 fruit trees, streams, walking trails, and plenty of native forest.

Photo: Twitter / crazyplantgirl

Some of the different fruits that were planted include apples, peaches, and figs. There are still some pecan and walnut trees as well.

Photo: Twitter / crazyplantgirl
Photo: Twitter / crazyplantgirl

As it turned out, this project was only the beginning. The Parks Department is considering replicating this food forest in other parts of Atlanta.

According to Fast Company, an acquisition expert with The Parks Department, Stacy Funderburke, said: “The opportunity to replicate this is already coming up.” She continued, “It’s great to fast-forward five years from now. What if there were five of these food forests sprinkled around Atlanta? There could be. There’s enough land. It’s more about showing it’s possible.”

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