You’ve Helped Improve Education Opportunities for Haitian Children

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Helping Educate Children in Haiti

Many children in Haiti lack access to education, and according to the United States Agency for International Development, the average Haitian adult aged 25 and older has less than five years of schooling under their belt. A special school in Matènwa, Haiti, has been working to break that trend for their local children, and your donations have helped make that goal possible.


The Matènwa Community Learning Center (MCLC), to whose construction you’ve helped contribute more than $5,000, teaches students primarily in their native Creole and with the local culture in mind. The goal is to avoid imposing the education standards of other countries onto the students. The pupils have lessons on reading, writing, math, science, music, farming, and crafts, all from open air classrooms overlooking the sea and their island of Lagonav. The school has served as a model for others with its innovation.

GreaterGood CEO Tim Kunin believes strongly in the school’s teaching methods.

He says, “It is one of the only schools in Haiti to teach literacy in Creole – the language people actually speak – rather than French. Learning to read in a foreign language is immensely more difficult than learning to read in your native tongue. It is also the only Haitian school I’ve visited which trains teachers and team teaches.

“They are trying to rework the entire education system in Haiti, which is a level of hubris I find exceptionally exciting. I was honored to have attended the first graduation of the upper school; and was impressed by the graduates, which is the reason we have expanded our support over time.”


Money the school receives from GreaterGood has gone to items like textbooks, pencils, notebooks, and to pay and train committed teachers. The school has also benefitted from GreaterGood’s Girls’ Voices program, as well as the egg-laying hens initiative, to which you have contributed more than $50,000 to ensure children and families can get the nutritional benefits provided by eggs.

GreaterGood’s contributions helped produce the community school’s first graduating class of 15 students. One of the graduates, Valancia, spoke at the time to share her appreciation.

She said, “To me, education is life. When you have an education, you are prepared to speak in an assembly, in front of any group. If I were not enrolled at MCLC I would be just sitting around, but this school develops students understanding of many areas of life that you would never find at other schools. Also I admire Cristiano Ronaldo, who is a Portuguese professional soccer player. I admire him a lot and I would like to work harder at soccer so I can be like him.”

Another community school graduate is Fania Bijoux, who attended from kindergarten through the 13th grade. Being able to graduate was a dream come true for her, a dream she says wouldn’t have been possible without GreaterGood and the administration at the school. Her parents wouldn’t have been able to send her to get an education in other circumstances.


Of her experience, she said, “I really believe in education because it is a weapon that can change people’s lives, and education is the basis of development in all developed societies. Every time things got hard, I doubled my efforts. I don’t despair because I have a dream to accomplish great things. I have to thank my family because they made the choice to send me to MCLC, which is where I found all the support that has helped me stay in school and fulfill this dream. I hope that one day I will be able to take care of them. Right now, my dream is to complete my education so that I can start my own business, which will help my family and improve my life.”

She added that she knows with hard work, other graduates can give back to and improve the community of Matènwa. With contributions like yours, the dreams of these students have been realized and will continue to be realized.

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