Man Walks 650 Miles for Poverty Awareness

Terence Lester has certainly walked a mile in someone’s shoes. Well, more accurately, 650 miles. Inspired and dismayed after meeting an elderly woman who had walked 7 miles for a bag of groceries, he journeyed from Atlanta to Washington, D.C. to bring attention to the issue of poverty in the United States. In his travels he met many people suffering due to poverty, and that fueled his passion for the project, even when he felt too tired and sore to go on. He reached the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial on October 15th, where he made an inspiring speech.

Lester is no stranger to raising awareness of hunger and other important social causes. In 2013 he founded the Atlanta non-profit Love Beyond Walls, which has many outstanding programs such as free haircuts, art classes, laundry services, food pantry and clothing for homeless people, under-resourced families, and students. They are undoubtably making a huge difference in their community!

Watch the video below to see his journey, and donate to his non-profit. To see the amazing on-the-road videos taken by his crew, go to his blog.

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