6-Year-Old Girl Has Provided More Than 200 ‘Happy Bags’ To Homeless People

Bethany’s Happy Bags is an organization operated by a 6-year-old girl. She and her mother have been busy since December 2019, and she has been giving out “happy bags” to the homeless in Savannah. So far, Brittany has given well over 200 of those gift bags.

Brittany came up with the name “happy bags” because she wants people who receive them to know that she cares. She wants nothing more than to put a smile on their face. Included in each bag are essential items, such as water, toothpaste, and snacks.

Many people have taken notice of what Brittany is doing in the community, including the Savannah Police Department. Even homeless shelters are aware of Brittany’s efforts. Because of the extra focus on their efforts, more people are chipping in to help.

“We are working with the Matthew Reardon Center for autism and so the kids there are now making cards for us to put in the bags, as well,” she said according to Fox28Media. “The plan is actually for them to also help start packing the bags.”

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People in other states, such as Massachusetts and New York, have heard about Brittany and what she is doing. They are now using her Amazon wishlist to donate items. More information about Brittany and what she is doing are available on their Facebook page.

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