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Every day, your clicks, purchases, and petition signatures help make the world a better place. Thanks to your dedication and generosity, GreaterGood has been able to donate over $40 million to charity since our inception.

Here's three things that wouldn't have been possible without you:

Feeding the Hungry in the United States

Across the nation, hard-working Americans have struggled to put food on their tables. From single parents and homeless veterans to domestic abuse survivors, a healthy, nutritious meal can make a world of difference.

Our charitable partner, the Food Recovery Network, knows this. They work with college cafeterias around the United States to package and transport food that would have otherwise been thrown into a dumpster to local food banks and shelters where it can reach those who need it most.

This anecdote from the Durham Crisis Response Center is just one example of how these leftovers make a difference.

A resident in our domestic violence shelter arrived at around 11 p.m., tired from a long day of packing, court, police statements, and more. All she wanted was to get something to eat and go to bed.

The staff on duty told her to look in the refrigerator. We just had a delivery from FRN.

When she looked in the fridge, she was expecting to find “maybe a sandwich,” but it was a complete meal of roast with carrots, potatoes, mushrooms, gravy – not to mention the mashed potatoes and rolls! She said that she hadn't had a fulfilling meal like that in years.

With your help, we were able to donate 243,250 meals to hungry Americans. This year, you can help us continue this critical work and do even more for those in need.

Buses for Students in Afghanistan

Afghanistan is a dangerous place to be if you're a girl with the dream of getting an education. Despite the progress made since the Taliban's control over the nation was broken, extremists would still rather see girls and women dead or disfigured before they received an education. Girls are most often attacked as they make the perilous walk to and from their schools.

GreaterGood partnered with the Mirwais Mena School for Girls to replace their two broken-down buses, preventing many of their students from having to drop out for fear of their lives.

An 11th grade student named Sadia at the Mirwais Mena School summed up the importance of this work perfectly, saying:

“Education is like a light; you can see the path you are going on in the dark. If you don't have an education, you are blind, and you will not see things clearly. The bus project is extraordinary. It helps to take girls safely to school and get them back home safely.”

This bus is critical to the long term peace and stability of the nation by empowering young women and girls to seek education. Thanks to your generous donations, GreaterGood is dedicated to covering the cost of maintaining the buses and salaries for drivers who share our desire to see the girls educated in safety.

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Nepal Earthquake Disaster Relief

On April 25, 2015, Nepal was struck by a devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake, followed by a second, 7.3 magnitude earthquake on May 12, and hundreds of aftershocks. The quakes destroyed thousands of villages, causing almost 9,000 deaths and nearly 25,000 injuries.

Upon hearing the devastating news, GreaterGood sprang into action, delivering life-saving supplies to victims.

Your generosity helped save lives.

Our work didn't stop when international attention turned away from Nepal, however. GreaterGood is dedicated to helping in the long-term rebuilding of Nepal with programs to liberate girls from indentured servitude, provide farmers seeds to cultivate staple crops, and map Nepal's forever-altered topography. These long-term efforts help Nepal recover from the devastating earthquake long after emergency aid is spent.

These are just three things among a long list of initiatives GreaterGood undertook in 2015. As we celebrate giving away over $40 million to charity, we pause to reflect that we could not have accomplished all of this without you. Thanks to your dedication, we've been able to make the world a more peaceful and prosperous place.

Thank you for supporting GreaterGood and believing in our vision for a better world.

Now that you've seen what a donation can do, help us accomplish even more in 2016.

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